Our first spiritual teacher, the late Helen Brungardt, offered a course on the awakening of individual Universal Consciousness.  Her book, Contemplation: The Activity of Mystical Consciousness, is a perfect example of the concept of Contemplation:

This is where you will go on a journey, to an awakening within your own Being, which will bring you to Self-discovery.  You will focus on bringing all your conscious activity to open the Heart Center or Middle Tantien, while you go about your day.  You go to the very center of your being, to the very “Center of the Cyclone” to rediscover your true nature as the Great Stillness.  It is the place where Heaven and Earth meet.  Where all duality ceases to exist (yin and yang), also known as the Mystical MarriageIt is a practice of No Practice where you are truly “Letting Go and Letting God” by Being.  A place infinitely inward, leading you infinitely outward