Here  is a message on the experience of Divine Love.


     author unknown

 The mystical relationship of lover and Beloved is one of humankind’s greatest secrets.  It embraces the whole of creation and yet takes place within the Heart Mind. 
  The love affair of the soul with God is a passion that transforms the whole human being and reveals the hidden face of the world.  The mystical journey is an unfolding of this love affair, a giving of oneself to God through love.  There is nothing other than God, and God’s oneness is stamped within the Heart Center. 
  The mystical journey takes the wayfarer from duality back to oneness, from separation to an experience of being merged into ITS oneness. 
  But this journey is only possible because of a substance within the Heart Mind.  Without this substance there would be no journey and no spiritual awareness.  
  It is a quality of Divine love that is hidden from the world because it does not belong to the world.  
  The mystery of Divine love, the relationship of lover and Beloved, takes place within the innermost chamber of the Heart Mind, what the Sufis call the Heart of hearts. It is the substance that is both the pilgrim and the path.  This substance is the essence of His/Her love for us.
  Much of the work of the path is a process of preparation, an inner purification to enable the heart of the lover to contain this DIVINE LOVE
  When the disciple is ready, then Love is given from Heart to heart.  This substance of Divine Love is infused into the heart of the lover, and activated by Divine Love.
  The secret substance within the Heart Center is the organ of Divine consciousness, a consciousness of the oneness of God.  A mystic is one who is able to bear this secret.  
  The path prepares us, but God’s gift is always an act of Grace, given with love by Love.  And it brings with it the responsibilities of the Heart space, to live according to the ways of love and not the ways of the mind or the ego.  Love demands that we sacrifice our self.  
  When Truth has taken hold of a heart, She empties it of all but Herself. In order for Her secret to be infused into our heart, we have to give our heart to God.  Then our heart is held between the two fingers of God, and She turns it as She wills.  
  A mystic is someone who is born to do this work, who was intoxicated by wine before the creation of the vine. 
  Before we are born we are branded by love; we come into the world to be of service to love.
  To be a lover of God is to be drawn into the mystery of Love, into the unfolding essential Unity that is hidden within the heart.   
  This love that is given as a gift is born into consciousness with the tears of separation, with the longing that breaks open the heart. 
  Love awakes us with the call of the reed that is torn from the reed bed, the anguish of the soul that comes to know that it is separate from its Beloved. But in this desert of desolation when despair seems our only company, something is born, something infinitely precious and tender beyond our understanding. 
  Our soul senses the intimacy of its Beloved, that He is as close as the tears that run between the eye and the eye-lid.  We begin to experience a love affair that is as intoxicating as it is painful, as wondrous as it is terrifying. These are the secrets of the mystic, of one who has been taken by LOVE.  For each lover, this love affair is unique and often too intimate to be told. 
 It is what we have always wanted, what gives our life its real meaning. Whether in the sweetness of Her touch or the intense pain of being without our Beloved, we are caught in the grip of a love that consumes our whole being. 
  Why are some chosen to live this life of love-longing?  Because it is His will, because in the tapestry of His creation He has made some human beings to live the life of His lover. 
  They are branded by God and can belong to no other.   
  No other relationship will fulfill them, no human lover can take hold of their heart. 
  They can fall in love with a human partner, but something is always missing.  In a human relationship, an essential note is not being played. However much outer life seems to offer, only one thing really matters: the heart’s love affair with God.
  We are polished by our problems, by the difficulties of our life and the pain of our love for our Beloved.
 The work of the lover is to be attentive to love, to stay with the inner connection of the heart despite all of life’s difficulties, despite the distractions that surround us. 
  We try to keep this tender, empty space, try to carry it into our daily work. It is not easy.  We cry, we pray, we fight to remain looking towards our Beloved.  We strive to keep our heart clear.  We work upon our self diligently, with perseverance and patience. 
  With the practices of the path, meditation,  we aspire to remember Her with each and every breath.  We live the fullness of our outer life, family and work, and at the same time struggle to keep our inner attention focused on the heart. 
  For the one thing that really matters, that absorbs our inner attention, is the awareness of our love for God and God’s Divine Grace flowing down to meet us, who ever we may be.