More on the message of Divine Love.



     author unknown

  God reveals Itself within the hearts of those who love Him/Her.  How this happens cannot be known to the mind.  It is too deep a secret.  The life of the mystic is to live this secret, to live a giving of oneself that is complete and absolute, until nothing remains of the lover but a shell, an outer covering in which LOVE can unfold its purpose. 
In the words of Majnun: Love is the essence of my being.  Love is fire and I am wood burnt by the flame.  Love has moved in and adorned the house, myself tied up its bundle and left. 
You imagine that you see me, but I no longer exist: what remains is the Beloved.
  The mystery of lover and Beloved is hidden within the Heart Center of every soul that is seeking God.  His love is the thread that guides us back to Him, and our sorrow is the sweetness of our remembrance. 
  And yet as a culture we have almost forgotten this love. Majnun was a lover whose passion for Layla drove him mad and took him to God, and his story is well known throughout the East.  In the West, we have placed love solely within the sphere of personal relationships, and have lost contact with the real passion that belongs to our Soul Space.
But there are those who belong to Her, who have cried the tears of longing and looked for Her face everywhere.  They are destined to live this love, a love that is born in Divine oneness.  They are called into the presence of love, are driven from the safety of their own self into the arena of love. Their hearts keep alive the flame of Divine Love, a Love that is as intoxicating as it is tender. The children of the secrets of LOVE do not belong to themselves.  They are here for the purpose of LOVE, even though they may not know it. 
  As we wait on the borders of a new age, there is a great need for the mystical essence of love.  There is a need to remind our self of our real nature, of the oneness that embraces every cell of our body and every sigh of our soul.  We need to reclaim the sanctity of mystical love and make it conscious, to bring into the marketplace of our world this ancient secret. His lovers are here for this purpose. They have come together from across millennia to awaken the world to its innermost connection of love.  What is lived within their own heart belongs to humanity; it is an essential part of the mystery of humankind. Without this thread of Divine Love, the song of the world would be lost, the music that gives meaning to our every day life would fade away. 
  And yet we stand on the edge of an abyss of forget-fulness.  Caught up in consumerism, blinded by greed and rationalism, we have almost cut the thread of our souls devotion.  We are lost to such a degree that we hardly even know that we are lost.  We have forgotten our real nature and the sacredness of all that is created.  We think that we are here for our own purpose, and have forgotten that the world belongs to God.
   Mystical love has an essential purity because it looks only to God.  It is awakened as a memory of when we were together with our Beloved, and Her lover longs to return to this state.  Mystical Love cannot be caught in the desires of the ego or the patterns that imprison us. Her Love is too free; its fire burns too hot.  
  Mystical love reminds us of that which is pure and unpolluted, of that which is sacred and sings the name of God.  Mystical love opens a doorway between the worlds through which His Grace can flow into this world.  The essential oneness of lover and Beloved reminds us of what we have almost forgotten, that there is nothing other than God. He loves them and they love Him.  His lovers are born to live this mystery and bring it into the world. When their hearts cry to God, His song is heard.  When they melt in His embrace, His Love is felt.  When the memory of the heart is awakened, creation comes to know to whom it belongs.  In the silence of our sorrow, we know Him.  In the bliss of union, we celebrate His oneness, and the heart of His lover gives this secret of creation back to the world:
  And in everything there is a witness for Her that points to the fact that She
is One.