Here is an article on the psychological-spiritual system for greater self awareness called the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a “Map” of the territory of consciousness.  It defines the state of consciousness that the eGo (edging God out) occupies.  Revealing the workings of the 9 egoic character fixations, and the 9 different aspects of ego formation, you will be able to see the “story” of your character fixation and it’s “grip” on your Soul.  Once you shine the light of understanding on your character fixation and release it, your Soul can rediscover it’s free nature of Universal Being, living in a state of Bliss and Oneness, free from the Egoholic state of “every day” consciousness.  Of course we “know” that the soul is already “free”, it’s the illusion of the eGo that makes us think that we are not “Free”.
We will be adding more information on this subject as time goes on.
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