What is a Sufi – by Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

“To a Sufi, revelation is the inherent property of every soul, which has worked through all stages of the world’s evolution and developed in every state of individual evolution.

It is, to a Sufi, an unceasing flow of the divine stream, which has neither beginning nor end.

Our Order is composed of truth-seeking people of different faiths and beliefs, who are not in any way obliged to give up the faith or belief they may have nor to accept a certain faith or belief, nor are they if they have none, compelled to adopt one.

As long as all tread in harmony in the path of love and light no member of the Order is concerned to enquire into the faith of any other. It is not intended that all members of the Order should label themselves followers of a certain faith; the members of the Order should keep whatever faith or belief they have.

It is not even required of them that they should all call themselves Sufi. With regard to teaching, for a certain way they are, of course, guided by the Murshid, but, after that is passed, they each have their own path and are master of their path.”

by Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan