How to Change the Past in the Present – by Debra Greene, PhD

How to change the past in the present.The dominant belief in Western culture is that time flows in a single stream from past, to present, to future–the past is gone, unchangeable. That leaves us powerless to change it.But quantum physics tells a different story. It tells us that atoms and subatomic particles–the stuff that reality is made of–can be in several places at the same time. It tells us that reality consists of probabilities that become actualized by us. It tells of parallel realities, the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI), that has been successfully used to predict all kinds of things: the way enzymes work, the color of the sky, and the mechanisms by which the sun shines. MWI tells of parallel worlds that exist concurrent with the chosen reality timeline.

What does this mean for us? It could mean that time does not occur in a single stream. That life is too vast to fit into a single-dimensional location. That the intention expressed by every choice we make takes us in more than one direction. That our limited consciousness is not able to track all of those directions and dimensions. That we can access them in higher states of consciousness, which enables us to change the past in the present.

Here is an exercise in changing your past that is based on quantum reality and the work of Harvey Grady. The exercise invites you to use your Higher Self for assistance. Your Higher Self is the part of you that has an elevated state of consciousness which easily moves through past, present and future.

1) Think back to a traumatic experience from your past.

2) Pause to ask your Higher Self if it is in the highest good for you to use its assistance to revisit and heal that trauma. If affirmative, proceed. If not, best to wait. There are valid reasons why it may not be time to proceed (i.e., you may not be ready, you may be too attached to the trauma, there may be a karmic lesson you have yet to learn).

3) Stay attuned to that past trauma experience until you gain a feeling or image of yourself at that time. How did you feel?

4) Now join with your Higher Self and begin sending compassion and love to yourself in that time. As you share love and compassion with yourself in that time, what do you notice? What changes?

5) When this feels complete, thank your Higher Self and thank the self of your past for this opportunity.

Enjoy the freedom and liberation that can come with transforming past trauma.

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About Debra Greene, PhD  Debra has been an innovator in energy medicine and mind-body integration for over 20 years. She combines the best of ancient wisdom with modern science in her clinical practice, writings, lectures and workshops. She is the developer of Inner Clarity (IC), a consciousness based healing modality, founder of the distance-learning program Energy Mastery and author of the acclaimed book, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health.