There Is No Drama When Dying – Part 2 by DrFlow

There Is No Drama When Dying – Part 2

I am a guest in a small twin engine airplane.  I am a man, who is blessed, being invited by two ladies – one being a pilot, the other, the copilot.  The two ladies are in a competition to show off; going to the limit, to display their aerial abilities.  I quickly understand, but give in, surrender, breath and enjoy.

One pulls the plane down so steeply and low over the hilly forest – that our left wing touches one of the tree tops.

I feel weightless, like I’m in a beautiful round bubble, as though I am a soap-bubble, hovering above the trees. Happy, silent and deeply content with all there is.  I feel at ease and fine by myself.  I have nothing to do or become.

I blame no one, not even myself.  I am just fine, silently present and deeply content.  There is no blame towards the ladies, not even interest in the wreck or the empty body shells.  Just pure well being.

I quickly see the cleanup people showing up, with all their interesting equipment, heads down, looking for evidence, searching for parts of the wreck and our bodies.

I recognize that I have passed.  Curious as I always was, I seek to talk to one of them, to ask about their special skills and insights, but quickly I understand, that he doesn’t hear me, there is no reaction.

Nothing to do.  Nowhere to go.  I find this pure state of being very enjoyable.  I am present and watching.

I am at peace, one” with all that is.

By DrFlow – David Schläpfer